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Impress your clients. Gain more business. Selling HealthiestYou's a win-win.

When your clients ask why HealthiestYou, ask them how they feel about significant claim redirection, reduced sick days, increased productivity, and improved morale. From the app, users can talk to a doctor 24/7 by phone or video, shop prescription costs, find pharmacies nearby, access medical experts, and so much more. That’s why HealthiestYou’s a win-win.

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HealthiestYou sells itself.

Save your clients money, time, and sick-day costs by providing the solution that puts them in control of their health. Get started today.


Connect from home, office, or while on the road. Access from anywhere.


Simple PEPM pricing with no hidden fees or copays.

Connects insurance

Finds insurance carrier for up-to-date coverage, deductible tracking, and more.

Price comparison

Shop for prescription drugs or compare procedure costs at places you already use.

Search for a provider

Find a doctor, dentist, or other providers near you.

Location-based alerts

Adds convenience by sending helpful alerts based on location to save time and money.

“We have looked into implementing a telehealth solution for our clients, but could not find the appropriate support, training, and tools until I worked with HealthiestYou. They are the difference between succeeding in telehealth and failing. Don't be fooled by low-cost providers.”

Darren Gregory
Broker Partner

"We like to work with HealthiestYou because their cutting edge technology has helped us to close deals. In my opinion the HealthiestYou product is the best one in the marketplace and makes great sense for clients AND brokers. The telehealth space is exploding in growth. Increase your opportunities and close deals. It's the perfect time to join HealthiestYou."

Steven M.
General Agency Partner

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